What is it that makes you happy? Ya know, those gifts that you were created to use, that really just put you in that spot. that Blissful spot. For me, one is creating things. Usually from stuff that I have been given or that has meaning, I enjoy finding creative ways to put it to use.

Example A, a head band with a leaf on it for your hair. This was created from fabric that was given to me from my great-grandmother that I combined with some newer fabric. vintage with now. I like.

Example B, A painting with vintage buttons and sillouette bird. The buttons were from my great-grandmother. Some were bingo buttons from cardboard that she made and the others were just some funky 70's style buttons that I could never find now. The bird was something a very talented friend of mine had left overs that she made for her wedding. SCORE! now just to find a cool frame and its ready to go. :)

Example C, A dress from my Aunt. Very 40's style, which I love! It was all white and I just never felt comfy wearing an all white dress. So I touched it up with some fabric flowers and embellishing. YAY. Ready to wear. almost. I think I will be changing the buttons on this one.

What's my point? DO things that you were created and gifted with!! You were given these things for a reason. USE them. :) I promise that you will find that place of peace. I always find it the most challenging to get myself to sit down and be creative, but when I do. MAN, is it life giving.

Some other things I enjoy: being outside, my garden, reading in a hammock, playing the violin, listening to music with my eyes closed.

What makes YOU happy?

God created us to be Joyful

You will show me the path of life; in Your presence is fullness of joy, at Your right hand there are pleasures forevermore.Psalm 16: 11

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