"Wooden" it be nice...

Its been a while since I have last blogged; I know. Shame on me. Ive been in sort of a introspective spirit. Deciding what shows to do/not to do. Creating a line sheet for wholesale purchases. And just getting acquainted with my newfound freelance fulltime career. ilike. God is doing some great things in life right now and Im enjoying every second of the ride. Below are a couple of pictures of my newest venture. Wood burning. I was telling my mother how funny it was that all of my "doodles" in school have turned into my designs on many of my pieces. I even have the proof of notebooks past. Let me know what you think.

They are Organic, Simple, Fresh, and FALL-esque:

This one reminds me of playing jax as a kid. i love it. :)
A pile of some of the neckace-less pieces.
a bangle braclet. check out my etsy sight for a paisley bangle dyed with fresh homemade beet dye! :)

AT HOME: Been doing things to fight off the flu season, like making homemade chicken noodle soup with lots of garlic! (tip: i made triple the recipe and stored about three containers in the freezer for later)
Also, We have opted out of the flu shot. I did some research and it just didnt seem sensible for us to do. SO; 1)we are cutting back on white sugar ( i read this helps your immue system)
2) taking a vitamin d-3 suppliment this i sto build up our bodies ability to fight anything off if we do get exposed
3) emergen-C when we are feeling a bit like something MAY be headed our way.

obviously, do your research, but its working here!

FUN NOTE: Our neighbor had golden retriever puppies (well her dog did) and we will be getting one! it will be a boy, so as to keep the peace with our gracie-lou who may feel threatened by another lady in the house. pics coming soon!

Love n' Light


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Sarah, Ty and Davis Parker said...

Ok, LOVE these. I think this might be the best use of "doodles" I have ever seen! Love you dear friend, keep up the good work.

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