The sun coming through the bamboo leaves in our back yard, while we were getting an afternoon rain. we've missed the water falling from the sky this summer. glad to have you back.

I just had to post pics of the bamboo. :) We have finally gotten some rain! :) and the dew was simply gorgeous on the bamboo. I am happy we live here. It makes me feel like I live in a rain forest sometimes. When it rains, that is. haha

I know, it looks sunny, but, that's why I took a picture of the water on the leaves. :)

This is just refreshing to me right now, as I am on a journey to do only the creative! I left my part-time job on Friday and am headed on a different path; well, not that different just narrowing the focus a bit, I guess. My husband and I are getting excited about what this means for life ahead. its always a journey. But, not to get too overwhelmed, focus on the refresher that we have been getting with the rain, life, jobs, family and God. If we press through and focus on these things, it works. I hope you are having a fantastic Football season Kickoff weekend;smell it.... FALL IS HERE! :)

love n' light

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Sarah, Ty and Davis Parker said...

Ooh fall, I love fall! Love the bamboo (almost types baboon, love those too) can't wait for cooler weather!

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