It's About Time

I mentioned last week that I was going to make clocks. Here are pics of an unfinished one, without all of the "clock parts" and the one at the bottom is the completed clock. :) Im diggin 'em.

The flame on this one made some awesome vibrant pinks on the copper, that isnt picking up as great on these photos. Ill have to invest in a better camera or a photo box. I think its about time.
this is a close up of the heart at the top of the piece. I like how it flows in with the vines.

The completed one was a process of cutting out the copper, drilling the hole and sanding it for the working parts. Second, I torched the the piece with blue and green enamel, accomplishing the "wave on the shore" effect at the bottom. I sanded the top left corner down to raw copper again and retorched it, getting the firey sun look. then, I hand etched the tree in the copper in layers, alternately torching and etching to create more depth in the tree.
I would love to create one for your home, or a friends home. please contact me via e-mail on my website and I will gladly get it going for you. Please allow a turn-around design time of 2-3 days. when ordering.
Have a wonderful weekend!

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