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Oh my! it is that time that I have been SO overwhelmed with "stuff to do" that i have neglected the blog. I keep thinking, "man, i need to blog about this or that" and then I sit down, and its all chaos in my brain. So, let me preface this with a warning that it WILL be Scattered and may make absolutely no sense if you aren't in my brain. :)

Things going on:
Deciding on Art shows to do this fall/winter season and how in the world I will make enough stuff. My husband bought me an iPhone; so yes, i've joined that party. But, once I get it down I think I may be more efficient and "on top" of things. So Far from September-December we have Austin Handmade Market once a month (September 12th), First Thursday on South Congress, We Make Stuff at Scoot Inn on (September 19th), Art show at Common Grounds in Waco on October 3rd with Harts-N-Crafts, Art Outside 2009 (October 9-11th) , Possibly Blue Genie Art Bazaar December 2nd-December 24th, and the Cherrywood Art Fair December 12-13th 2009,

Other Ventures:

Weddings & Special events~
I'm excited about the fact that I'm in the process of working on some other avenues to sell. I will be donating an item to love me do wedding event on September 27th along with a coupon for future brides to come to me for the design of Jewelry for the Big Day! Something I love being a part of. I am trying to spread the word on my custom bridal designs. So you future brides, let me know. I felt that this was a great avenue to go. Being in many weddings over the years, and my own; I notice that there are two very diverse choices for jewelry. There is the UBER expensive that, honestly, most cannot afford; or the UBER cheapo stuff that looks generic and leaves the bride with little choice in expressing her style by accessorizing on her wedding day. I am excited to dive into creating pieces for women for special events in their lives. Even proms, formal events, etc. Those times when we allow our inner little girl to dazzle and feel like a princess with whatever style we chose to express.

Handmade findings for other artist~
I noticed while at events that a few artists had asked me about ordering my handmade ear wires and findings to use for the pieces that they create. I had never thought about selling my handmade components to other artists. That may be what you call a "duh" statement. But I've found that it provides a supplemental income for my business, builds relationships with other artists, and allows them to use ALL handmade components if they don't have the supplies or time to create them for themselves. "I'd be glad to" :) I have learned that to Top Sellers on Etsy.com are artists that also sell supplies to others. This weekend I will complete my first order of handmade ear wires for to fantastic creatives http://www.gemjunkie.etsy.com/ and http://www.polishedtwo.etsy.com/. SCORE! FYI: GemJunkie is an amazing supplier of very fun beads and stones for almost ANY thing you may need to put together.

Fellow Creatives:
If you are like GemJunkie and PolishedTwo and do not have the time to make your own handmade components, but value the "all handmade" send me an email and I would be So pleased to work with you.

I have been trying to saturate my online presence.Boy, is this a job. Yay forhandmade support. Now i feel like a parrot, repeating myself on multiple sites. Listing items on sites such as etsy, Artfire, Facebook, facebook kiosk, etc... I will update when ALL of the shops are setup! the days of one website are over, you have to be present on five million different avenues to market your handmades. A lot of work, but kudos, to the world supporting Handmade!

WholeSale to Retailers around the country, world, and neighboring planets:
Ok, so maybe not planets yet. But there are a few ventures i'm itching to share with you about the posssibilities of Ruby Slipper Designs being found in Shops and galleries far from Austin, Tx. :) I will let you know when, where, and how. In the meantime, just put out that prayer for it to come into fruition. And if you know anyone, call me. ;)

The following are ideas, inspirations, and objects that I am wanting to make ahead....

clocks: yes, get excited, i'm going into making clocks. those that know me may find it ironic that i would create a clock. go ahead. laugh.

recylced cup holders: this is going to be fun, you'll see. :)

wall decor: I am loving gray as my new neutral color accented with red and yellow. perhaps it was subliminal to the bombardment of these colors everywhere, that I didn't notice until i announced my new favorites. haha.

possibly a book: I know! WHAT?! we'll see. ;)

On a Personal Note:
Music favs this week: 1. Norah Jones~ humble me; specifically 2. Frou Frou; Imogen Heap 3. Otis Redding 4. The Beatles (always) 5. Susanna Choffell (hope i spelled that correctly) 6. Phil Whickham & 7.Alanis Morrisette
Boy do I have various music taste.

So, listening to good music, spending time seeking God and discovering where my creativity is from and what inspires it; what He has created me to be, and enjoying the pursuit of becoming a strong woman that reflects his Joy, compassion, and acceptance of all of his children. I am just discovering more and more each day how much I love strong relationships with people and how much God loves everyone. Yes, as most people say...I do belong from the 60's i think. haha. flower child a little bit.

I hope you all have a rocking Labor day weekend!

I'll be posting pics of all of the newest creations soon!

Love n' Light



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