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So, I had a show in Waco Yesterday at Common Grounds. It only lasted for 2 1/2 hours because of the rain. However, I was pleased wth the turnout for that small amount of time. :) I'd say worth it. Its always nice for a change of pace and town. Not too mention I started College here in the fall 10 yrs ago! So, of course, I had to get a frozen milky way coffee at Common Grounds. It by no means should be called a coffee, but a tasty dessert full of sugar overload! However, it was the frist coffee I got my first day at Baylor in 1999 by the recommendation of my RA; Allyson "something or other"
This is a photo of my new patchwork and embellished embroidery rings. they are so great for wall decor. very organic looking to me. the fabrics are mostly my great grandmothers old material. however the background fabric (brown and orange) was a recent find.
I thought this would be a great way to display the bangle bracelets. I have simply repurposed a Starbucks coffee to-go tray. ( i think its genius) lightweight-no worries if it gets lost- and shows the bracelets well. The bracelets are part of my new wood burning adventure! I like these.
This is the next embroidery ring I have done. I just love the simple message of this one. :) And flowers are always a favorite. I think this would be great in a home entry way, kitchen, or childs room. Even next to a wedding photo on the wall. A small reminder of the love that should be present and nurtured in every home. :)
This past week we celebrated our two year anniversary! These are the flowers he brought home. bright and shining! Not to mention, they match the vase perfectly.

Celebrating Love and the Love of handmade today!

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MUSIC FOR THE DAY: David Crowder Band Album: Church Music It just makes me wanna dance around, great beats, great lyrics, pure poetry. ( maybe thats why I'm feeling so full of Love today)

Have a Great day Friends!

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