rockin bracelet

Hey there friends! I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend.  I have designed a pretty cool new bracelet. At least I think its pretty fantastic. :-) I took a picture of the area I was looking at to show the connection of the space you are in and the influence it can make on your creativity. if you notice there are lots of reds around me. and shocker! check out the colors i used in this design. this bracelet is a combination of sterling silver, vintage buttons (thank you mamaw) shells and Swarovski crystals. I didn't plan on this design. its neat to see what you come up with when you sit back  and allow God and his creation design for you. steps I took for this bracelet:

1~cut about a 2" long piece of sterling silver. (.25" wide) 
2~hammered the piece of silver and sanded the edges 
3~drilled holes in the silver pieces, randomly by eye
4~ took sterling silver wire and basically "sewed" the assortment of beads and buttons on the silver using the wire as my 'thread'. :-)
5~ attached the piece to chain and handmade clasp to make a fabulous bracelet. 

have a great labor day!


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