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In this journey of the #LoveWins being the Victory that we are choosing to claim, I have had this in my pocket for well over a couple of months. I was going to composite all of these ideas into one blog. Alas, here we are and when was the last time I posted? haha. Great intentions, right? 

So,I have decided to just post as things  pop on my heart. Forgive me, this may be a bit discombobulated, BUT I guess the walk of life is as such. Why would sharing it be so different? 

Do we know how to Love Fully?

I have been really trying to understand the fullness of Love and what it means. When the bible shares of what God intends love to look like it is so Rich. Full. & Deep. What we all ultimately long for; right?  So, when have we become so overcome with fear that we don't love or trust love fully? And why are we not SHARING it? 

As a Christian, we are told to share the good news. Why do we get scared of sharing good news? For me, its fear of what the world has often misrepresented this good news to be. But my experience of that is not the perspective I may have interpreted in my formative years. To a lot, 'the good news' brings pain, rejection, judgment, and fear. Who would want that? 

This is a picture of my precious  friend Jessica that her husband shared a sweet note just how much he loves her. What an example of GREAT LOVE!

I heard this song last night. "Read All About it". I have no idea what it is written about. But, to me it is saying Come on! We all have a story that delivers redemption, peace, acceptance, love, grace, mercy, growth, fulfillment, justice, forgiveness, and joy! WHY are you not sharing. 

Read All About it (link to full song and lyrics)

You've got the words to change a nation
but you're biting your tongue
You've spent a life time stuck in silence
afraid you'll say something wrong
If no one ever hears it how we gonna learn your song

So come on, come on
Come on, come on
You've got a heart as loud as lions
So why let your voice be tamed
Maybe we're a little different
there's no need to be ashamed
You've got the light to fight the shadows
so stop hiding it away

Come on, Come on
I wanna sing, I wanna shout
I wanna scream till
the words dry out
so put it in all of the papers,
I'm not afraid
they can read all about it
read all about it oh

oh-oh-oh.......Yeah we're all wonderful, wonderful people
so when did we all get so fearful?
Now we're finally finding our voices
so take a chance, come help me sing this
Yeah we're all wonderful, wonderful people
so when did we all get so fearful?
and now we're finally finding our voices
just take a chance, come help me sing this

Why are we so afraid?

I know that when I was not fully walking with God, it was not the Do's and Don'ts that brought me back around to wanting to know more about this story of redemption. It was the people that just told me that I was seen, loved, and accepted

My cutie-pie niece 

I say was, because this does not mean that I stayed that way. As we all do, I think; I wanted to grow, mature and change. For me, my relationship with God did this. It was not what people told me I should and shouldn't be doing. It was coming to know the character of what walking out forgiveness, love and acceptance looks like. THAT led me to want to be a better person from the inside out. 

Transformation doesn't come easy, it is hard and ugly, and humbling. That is why my desire has been for it to be as lasting as possible. Just doing good things, wasn't enough. Getting to a place of peace and surrender with the journey we are on is a daily walk. But, first and foremost we must remember that there is a God that sees us as pure and blameless. (Phillipeans 2:15)

It breaks my heart that sometimes we get so focused on the No's, Do's, and Don'ts that we forget the message. #LOVEWINS Why do we not remember that Mercy triumphs over judgement? 

 "For judgment is without mercy to one who has shown no mercy. Mercy triumphs over judgment." 
James 2:13

We continue to judge ourselves and others, instead of allow Love to soak in.  

But, first we must seek to understand the fullness of love and let it permeate our being. That is the journey I am on. 

"Seek First To Understand, Then to be Understood"
Proverbs 4:7

How about you?

Here are a few people I just love to pieces and moments I felt really loved.. just because... pictures are fun to share: 

If someone came to you and shared that you were wonderful just the way you are and they delight in ALL of you. wouldn't you want to RUN TOWARDS it and share it with the world?

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