Thanks for Giving

This past weekend was a wonderful time with those I love. Although, my husband and I were disappointed to discover that we couldn't make the trip across the country for Thanksgiving to be with family. I was pleasantly surprised at what a gift this week has been. Just to put in perspective the things to be thankful for. We did miss our family, but were welcomed by others, got to give, and were blessed by gratefulness.

9:30 a.m. show up to volunteer for Operation Turkey!

We got to spend time with great friends and learned later that our efforts, combined with many others, fed over 4,000 in need on Thanksgiving afternoon. Thankful that we are all still capable to offer help physically, financially, and spiritually this season to those that cannot.

our crew: waiting in the line that was wrapped around the building! what a blessing to have so many show up to help!!
Personal gratitude: I am thankful for the husband that brought me these flowers on Friday. Along with the flowers he brought me cough drops (two kinds) vitamin booster stuff, chicken noodle soup, and a new candle. Now, I wasn't thankful for getting SICK the day after Thanksgiving. But I was thankful for the opportunity to see that I am married to man that will take care of me when I need him. :) thanks hubby.

I hope that, even if the circumstances you had envisioned weren't as expected or hoped this past Holiday, you saw the opportunity to be grateful for what came out of it. I have learned this lesson a lot lately. That we may not always get what we expect or feel what we "deserve" but God always provides the opportunity for joy among disappointment. However it's up to us to take the opportunity and run! :)

love and light to you all this cozy holiday season!

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