Thankful For You..

I decided I needed a brand able tag for my pieces. I wanted to be able to let every customer know that i am thankful for their business, yet make it cute, simple and allow them to receive a gift even if they are purchasing just for themselves. Thus the following creation:

The red shoe represents my business name "Ruby Slipper Designs" and i love the brightness of the turq and the red.

So now when you purchase a piece from Ruby Slipper Designs, it will be tagged with a thank you, especially made by me. :)

My thoughts behind the "thankful for you" come originally from a bible verse "Every day I thank God for you" and also, appreciation for my clients believing in what I do.

I thought that if a person was purchasing this for a gift, they already have a gift tag that's cute and ready to pass on to the person. After all, if we are giving someone a gift, chances are, we would like to tell them that we are thankful for their presence in our lives anyway.

I look forward to seeing you all at 1st Thursday this week!

Love n light


KimE said...

What a great idea! I love :)

alicia hart said...

love it! i remember when you came up with this name "ruby slippers" so so so long ago.....

B Creative said...

ahh, the good ol dayzzz. you've always been a creative inspiration and encourager alicia :) yay.

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