lemonade and heart pendants

Today I have been busy working around the house. In an attempt to keep up with my promise to blog, i documented all of the creative things I did around the house. However, I neglected to put the camera card IN the camera, and don't have a cord to directly connect it. oops. I will just tell you.

I made lemonade, the real good kind, fresh lemons and all! My last attempt at lemonade, was a little sour and then too sweet where it was sweet and the sugar wasn't melted. Solution, I made a simple syrup with organic raw sugar and mixed the syrup with the lemon juice prior to adding cool water. all I can say is; its almost all gone. :)

I covered an unattractive wall light with a cool basket, creating a nice ambiance lighting effect. I really wish I could get the photos to you. i even took before and afters.

I did get pictures of the pendant I made today; and enameled copper two part piece. I made each piece separately and connected the heart and the base... i like. however, blogger is not wanted me to import pics right now. ... so, al pics will be added later. :)

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