Faith..Circle Back….

It has been a long year since I last posted. I almost was brought to tears as I read my last post and reflected on my devotion for today.... Today was on sustainable FAITH!

This past year has been a journey of trusting Him with each move.. Last year, for me, was especially a season of delivering faith. where the Lord was guiding me on step at a time; and I had to trust Him moment by moment. Now that that particular season is coming to a close, He has me moving into the sustainable faith. To trust Him with the trajectory of my future and what He has in store.

I know you can relate. When those quick delivering seasons pass, He still calls us to continue to move one step at a time. However, He also asks us to stand on His long term promises for our lives and trust patiently in Him.

Here's the snippet from my devotion this morning:

'But he knows the way I take; when he has tested me, I will come forth as gold.' Job 23:10

Two kinds of faith; delivering Faith and sustainable faith. Delivering faith is when God instantly turns your situation around. But it takes a greater faith and a deeper walk with God to have sustaining faith. Sustaining faith is what gets you through those dark nights of the soul when, like Job, you know where to go to what to do.. but because of your faith in God, you do.
Faith tells us the best is yet to come!

Bring on the Best, Jesus!

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