Floating in Circles

ABOVE: This was orginally created for a friend who saw something similar and asked if I could recreate it. Its hard when you are in the middle of a whirlwind of others to deviate from it and try something new. I have been so emmersed in enameling and firing lately, that the simpler and softer designs have kind of fallen away. Now they are back. I loved this so much that I wanted to tweek and play with it a little. as always, I gotta add something to it. haha.
ABOVE: is the result of the tweeking. I took copper wire and added one crystal of different colors, sizes, etc and soldered the cirlces in links together. Then, attached it to brass chain. I pickled the copper to get t\rid of some of the oxidization, but I didnt do it for too long, i kinda like the rusticness, AND the crystals cannot stay int he pickle solution too long or they will desinigrate. bummer.
For those of you that like going green; you'll be pleased to know that i use a non-toxic citrus pickle solution. :)
I love the delicateness of these cirlces, but the boldness of the style... as my friend andrea put it "this is probably my most favorite thing you have ever made!" yay for friend approval!

im thinking about doing a sterling one with all different shades of purple..hopefully ill post pics tomorrow.

Happy Day!

If you would like to purchase either of these you may do so at my etsy sight.

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Kristen said...

i looove the simple two circle necklace! i want one. :)

also, i like your shirt in that first photo! the one with the green and yellow flowers. cute!

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