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Hello friends! I am so overwhelmed with creativity lately that I havent updated in a while! A couple of updates ~
~I have Joined Team Etsy Austin! what a great way to connect and support other fellow creatives!
~Participated in 1st Thursdays on S.Congress in front of MamboBerry! ( you will see me there whenever I can get out, but especially 1st thursdays! Nothing like setting up and enjoying a Yummy FroYo while I work! :) Not to mentioned, I got interviewed by the Republic of Austin blogger! check it out over on my links; theres a video at the bottom of the page.
~Last Saturday I participated with other EtsyAustin artist in the Austin Handmade Market. What a charming and delightful experience. They even provided a cooler of ice water for the vendors...such thoughtfulness. If you havent visited them yet, check it out! Was interviewed by a very pleasant freelance reporter Amy Hadley :); hasn't been posted yet.
~Come check out Blues on The Green Tomorrow evening at 7:30, ill be there with other EtsyAustin members!

Alrighty, enough of the News.

Creatively Speaking,

I have really been into cutting shapes out of copper and torching and enameling them. No photos yet (broken camera) but soon! So far my favorite is a "swoosh" (not the Nike kind) that I enameld with Colbalt Blue, turquois, and spots of white, creating almost a wave over the pendant. I dont know if I can part with it. Also, I have been taking the scraps of copper and making little tiny roses to go on my hairpins! let me tell you something; CUTE! I cannot wait to share.

Last but not least,
I want to show how grateful I am that God has blessed this business and Africa. If you are not aware, half of my proceeds go to Kenya, Africa. I went over in 2007 and fell in love with the Joy, Kindness and Faith of the villagers in Bongoma. I was overjoyed to know, that from the $$$ from Ruby Slipper Designs; it contributed to a purchase of $3,000 in maize! thats feeding alot of villagers folks. And I am just overjoyed that I can share my heart for those amazing brothers and sisters with you more and more, in Austin!

So, come out and Share a vision with me, Buy a cute accessory, and Help those on the other side of the Globe.

See You Tomorrow! :)


Kristen said...

wow, that's awesome. i have been thinking (lately) about doing some kind of outreach/humanitarian work with my jewelry or art in some way. you are inspiring! there is so much to do for the world that sometimes it becomes a little overwhelming to think of just one way you can help out and make a difference. bravo! :)

B Creative said...

Awe, thank you! :) it makes it worthwhile for sure, and creates drive to keep on creating on the yucky days! TOTALLY DO IT! i encourage everyone... i feel that it nurtures your own soul and growth when you help others and know that you are a part of something bigger than you imagine. :)

thank you for bringing a smile to my face!

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