Festivities and sales at Festivals!

I am learning its all about your research and finding your high profit margin item. Upon, doing a market for the past four weeks, where the market was oversaturated with jewelers. I have learned to find what sells...and make a BUNCH! for example, if you would like to sell 30 items you have to make 60. I have learned to balance out what I am presenting to the clients. Have a few larger, higher priced items and many smaller $$ items that people can purchase and not think about it.
~something different and unique that others do not offer.
~something people can easily fit into a purse or bag if they are tarveling
~something that you can produce quickly.

For me; I have been selling the mess out of hairpins. By taking vintage fabrics, cutting them into cool shapes and hardening them. I follow that by beading them on to little bobby pins. GREAT item. very different, and super cute for todays hair styles. A winner in my book.

pictures coming soon! my camera card has been misplaced. :)

See you this weekend at the Hyatt Regency In Downtown Austin by Townlake..between 12-2!

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