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I know..its been a while..in the blogger world anyway. my mind has been overflowing with creativity and ideas lately. however, we have been moving from Atlanta, GA to Austin, TX since my last update. And now we are moving into another place in austin. I figure I will Jot down some of the ideas that have been flowing..much is growing.... still to be made.

So some things I have been diving into with creations...the city of austin flows with creative inspiration!

sewing, sewing sewing..... bags of all sorts, pillows, canvases, clothes, you name it! Embellishing with hand stictched embroidery... wow! this has been a fun one.. a simple creative stitch can express so much on a piece. Now I have been inspried to cut out shapes with fabric, harden them and ebroider the edges, creating a pendant for jewelry or wine charms alike! yes, this is the newest venture my friends. Also, Feathers, Texas has an abundance of ranches, with birds, and birds tend to shed feathers... go figure! haha those feathers creat amazing accessories..especially hair clips and necklaces.

Resin, oh the possibilities! wind chimes! i want to do wind chimes with copper, torch work and resin pieces! how fun right?

So to distrubute all of these creations I have started applying for farmers markets and local festivals! what a great way to work... create and sell your stuff outside all day with great environments and fabulous music.

how blessed are we to live in a place that encourages creativity and supporting local art!

dont ya love springtime....


Genie said...

Hi there! I bought a pair of copper earrings from you at the Oasis over the weekend. You were kind enough to remove the faceted purple crystals and replace them with some black beads. I've enjoyed the earrings very much!


B Creative said...

Thank you So much Genie! I just saw this. I hope you are still enjoying them! :)

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