Perfect Imperfection

these were and accidental success! thats usually how it happens right? i hammered these sterling circles, and did not like the off balance essence they produced. one day, in a light mood and craving a freedom, i wanted to use the shells. I did not think that the lack of perfection in the 'circles' would be accepted by customers, so I used them for myself.

Since then, more people have asked me to reproduce these than i could imagine!

Not only was this a creative success; but it was a life lesson. Often times I feel as though we see all of our imperfections and dont consider ourselves "balanced" or "flawless" enough for others. feeling unworthy we tend to sell ourselves short; and not put ourselves out there. 

Life Lesson: God showed me that as others saw the earrings as amazing and desireable (not noticing the 'flaws' I did). This is how others see us and most of all how he ALWAYS sees us. as his perfect children. 

Thank you: ...for letting me share with you, my personal growth as well as my gift of design. I share these things; because I feel as though  we all desire to grow and be seen as special and inspiring. And I find Joy in sharing these epiphanies of my own with others. even if its just meant for one person to receive; its worth it.  I know they are 'just earrings" but the are my way of learning some simple lessons. 

Thats why I think its so neat that we are all different

anywhoo; they are fun and free earrings; regardless of the depth you get from them. 

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